Wireless Systems Proposal

Steven Cornalino, Latonya Davidson, Elma Dulay, Sharon Horne, Christina Strickland BIS/220 Introduction to Computer Application and Systems

September 25, 2011

Sheeraz Fazal

This research is purposed to recognize at least two wi-fi technologies that could be beneficial to implement in the Get together Plates business as a traffic generation and improve business goals. This study will also add a justification pertaining to the decision to implement the aforesaid wifi technologies, and define the potential risks of using wireless technologies in the Get together Plates work environment.

In today's scientific world Get together Plates must establish a competitive approach in the industry with an innovative approach to the technology styles that exist while utilizing advertising tools to progress sales, goals and objectives.

Party Plates contains a proven financial sales track record that leverages the company's ideal mission to supply integrated goods based on buyer demands whilst broadening the business network with vendors that will allow adequate business ventures that enhance profitability. В We want to produce an environment exactly where our prospective team can interact with consumers to collaborate, experiment, and set in movement actionable what to maximize community, area, and regional efforts to attain corporate and business goals. В

To be able to maintain these kinds of objectives, all of us suggest employing at least two wireless technologies that will promote fresh ideas that would enable an organized pursuit to financial desired goals: iPads and iPhones. These devices would permit a new way of thinking about the way we operate, learn, and do business jointly. В The justification to deploy apple iphones and iPads is that the product are becoming frequent. Proven facts not only in the consumer market, in the workplace too. The wireless devices manage to assist Party Plates potential team members to provide outstanding PowerPoint...

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