п»їWhy did Johnson elevate key engagement in Vietnam Charlotte Woolcott Johnson's escalation in Vietnam was a determining moment of his obama administration. Many things inspired him to escalate, including the cold war context, the advice in the working group, the weak point of the To the south Vietnamese Federal government, and safeguarding the US bases. I think the fact that main aspect which motivated Johnson to escalate ALL OF US Involvement was your advice directed at him by Working group because these were his closest and most dependable advisors. Meeks felt that if Vietnam became communist, then American interests and security would be threatened by a stronger communist network. Politically, Johnson could lose the mid-term elections if this individual lost to Vietnam, just like Truman performed in 49 after losing to china and tiawan. So he had to elevate in order to safeguarded Vietnam. The Domino theory suggested that if South Vietnam dropped then the rest of South East Asia could fall therefore Johnson sensed that for getting South Vietnam he required to send more troops in. The Truman doctrine was believed by simply Johnson that he had to contain the reds in South East Asia or else it might spread across Asia. Between 1963 and 1967 there was six Southern region Vietnamese market leaders. This led to instability and corruption because they lacked a very good leadership and direction. This kind of influenced Johnson to believe that increasing the amount of American Soldiers would strengthen the government. The weaker Saigon government triggered a demoralised and inefficient ARVN, which usually meant that American troops had to be brought in to boost it. The weaker govt also meant that American Soldiers were less safe due to poor leadership, therefore Johnson were required to escalate to shield the People in the usa who were struggling out there. In 1965, Viet Cong attacks on the U. H. forces were becoming increasingly chaotic, and even though the Viet Cong obviously had many soldiers in Southern Vietnam, the MACV was still having difficulty locating any bombing targets at all. In February...


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