The main figure in Arthur Miller's Loss of life of a Sales person is Willy Loman.

He is an old salesman who lives in world build up of illusions and memories. His

life is based on dreams which under no circumstances come true. Willy is trying to perform the

American Dream, but in his dream success successes of his daughters, Biff and

Content, do not can be found. Loman's receipt for prosperity is personal attractiveness and well

likeness, however he hardly ever achieve these kinds of receipts. During his existence he uses

his dream, but when things go wrong he fools everybody around including

himself. His memories and so are with amazing stories which usually make him the

" hero" that everybody otherwise are happy with. By certainly not living in reality he makes his

children the actual same route and associated with same incorrect dreams and choices. His

better half, Linda, fantastic sons maintain him up in these errors, and that hurts all of them.

The person whom suffers the most from Willy's delusions is definitely Biff. Having been always in

center of attention as the favorite kid whose В‘small' sins had been easily pardoned.

Since ever having been taught by Willy how to follow the В‘perfect formula' to be

successful in life. Once Biff realizes that his father's lifestyle was based on illusions he

returns to unfortunate reality and its particular kind of late to make some thing of own life.

Through the high school years, Biff was the most skilled and loved kid pertaining to

Willy. Willy believed it will be enough for his son to become someone special in the

foreseeable future. Even though, Biff was not an angel, and did lots of things the way this individual

probably should not, his disorders were disregarded and Biff never acquired punished for just about any of his

wrongs because В‘boys will be boys'. The example here is introduced Willy's

memories, wherever Biff В‘borrows' the ball from coach and this individual doesn't encounter any

consequences. " Willy: Sure, he's need to practice using a regulation ball, doesn't he?

Coach'll probably congratulate you with your initiative! " (1. 30. 5-7). Right now, when he

is mature and they can take responsibilities of his activities he retains losing his job

because of В‘taking' someone's belongings. When he visits Oliver to borrow

money he cannot prevent himself of taking Oliver's pen with out informing him. Willy

never taught his young boys what is good and what is bad to accomplish in life, and after this there

are the benefits.

Willy's perfect formula to achieve success in life was going to have personal

charm and very well likeness. He was inculcating that into Biff's mind in each life

step he took. Not really education, or other essential elements that may influence lifestyle in

the future, but to look good and be liked, it was the most significant. Loman

under no circumstances pushed Biff to study. The activity career was enough to perform a great

dream of being successful. When Biff is decreasing in numbers to fail the math, advice

provided by Willy was to defraud from someone other's conventional paper, and even when ever one

of the boy's friend comes to warn and remain Biff, Willy calls him a " pest" and

" a great anemic". " Willy: You a pest, Bernard! To his boys: What an anemic"

(1. 33. 4-5). Unfortunately what Loman acquired thought Biff, never works for him in

the real world.

Willy's frauds affected his boy's life incredibly badly. Biff always wanted to get as

his father, the super hero father. Loman makes his child make the same mistakes

and in the effect become a inability. Even when he finds his father with unknown

woman in Boston this individual repeats the of following a American Desire. He

never achieves anything other than losing

just about every job he gets and comes home for

age of 34 with no future in any way. When he views the reality this individual know that all his life

was wrong, and he is aware of his father was a culprit of this. Biff tries to open others'

eyes to find out Willy's " wrong dreams". He knows that his life was an illusion, and as

a thirty four year old guy there is not very much he can do with his your life.

In summary it is easy to observe how Willy's...


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