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Rebel of the Early on Twentieth Century: Wassily Kandinsky: Wassily Kandinsky – Make up VII

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wassily Kandinsky – Structure VII a couple of


In the year 1913, Kandinsky created the composition VII, which will became the most talked about piece of art of the hundred years. A very interesting fact regarding Kandinsky can be his faithfulness to colors. His painting's meaning will probably be revealed in case you know the color symbolism. Through the years 1918 to 1921, Kandinsky dedicated his time to learn more about form and color studies. Historical situation:

A year ahead of the World War II began, that is, in the year 1913 Kandinsky created his VIIth formula. This part is the pre-war artistic part. Kandinsky provides mentioned that, this composition was the most complicated painting he has ever worked on. This can be an extremely large painting on the scale of 200х300 centimeter (6' six 3/4" by 9' 10 1/8" ). It is essential oil on canvas painting. Style:

To begin with, I had fashioned no idea what does the painting means. I don't get the mind or tail of this structure. But it merely admired the dance of all the colors inside the painting. The color was everywhere and it had been flowing all around the painting. That made the painting to visit life. It had some profound, unexplainable feeling to it. Kandinsky is usually an artist, so not the same as others. This individual wanted to show more of sentiment and truth. He desired his works of art to be like music, something which will go right to your center, you can simply feel that. And that is one of the reason why is named / called his artwork as Wassily Kandinsky – Composition VII 3

‘Compositions' rather art work. His expression through the piece of art really is a handle for the viewer's attention. Influence:

The painting offers so many different hues, which is put together and put with each other in the most harmonious approach. The color fruit in the portrait describes...

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