eWas Lenin's management the main reason for Bolshevik achievement? Although primarily Lenin was the one to make the Bolsheviks undoing the Interino Government, there were a number of long term factors that led to this revolution. The Provisional govt were and so weak that it meant that the Bolsheviks had been the only party able to catch power in October 1917. The fact which the Provisional Authorities failed plus the Bolsheviks had been successful, was due to the fact they were a weak government whom barely acquired any support from the Russians due the truth they were intended to just be a replacement government before the elections. Their particular control over Spain was weak too, because there were soviets set up nationwide by workers who had control over most of north Russia. The Provisional Govt didn't charm to the peasants, who required the help most as they don't make any kind of important decisions regarding the starvation or lack of shared property. Also, they will failed to quit the opposition by permitting the Bolsheviks use Promozione to effect the public. Lenin's leadership had not been the main reason intended for Bolshevik achievement as it was the Provisional Govt who had too little of control and series of failures that allowed the Bolsheviks to be successful and Lenin in order to intervene. While not the main reason, Lenin's April These had an effect in the people of Russian federation. His renowned saying was ‘Peace, bread, land and power to the soviets'. Not only did this statement charm to the Peasants (who were 80% from the population) but he likewise stated that he would certainly not support the Provisional federal government; instead he thought that the Soviets should have the power which is what they wanted. This only increased the Bolsheviks recognition, whilst support for the Provisional Government decreased. These kinds of catchy devise and giving the people the actual wanted was what made Lenin a good leader and one of the reasons to get the success of the Bolsheviks. Even so during the Come july 1st days Lenin showed weak leadership....


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