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Part 1:

1 ) eBay provides no products on hand and therefore does not have storage and delivery costs. Customers undertake a number of capabilities which mean that eBay does not incur conventional operating costs in a number of areas. 2 . moreover to offering storage and delivery, eBay's customers are its product development, market research, selling and revenue department. 3. eBay commenced in 95 when Pierre Omidyar produced Auction Net, an web-based auction site, partly to help his girlfriend to transact her items. 4. interview every single person departing every store, post a summary of what every thought of the shopping knowledge, ask them to article a promoting plan and call suppliers to set up deliveries -- and also, by the way, may they keep a great eye to shoplifting. five. No, will not.

Part a couple of

1 . of

2 . likewise

3. a large number of

4. via

5. even more

6. and

7. than

8. these kinds of

9. mainly because

15. entry

Part 3

1 . Economics not only studies human being behavior as being a relationship among unlimited would like and limited resources, nevertheless also helps all of us to make a good option. 2 . Marketplace is a system of conditions that allows buyers who may have a demand and sellers that have a supply of a specific product work together. several. The syndication of income is determined by the ownership of factors of creation and by their prices – wages of each kind of labor, rents of land, royalties of catalogs, and various returns to capital. four. Non-physical funds consists of cashable instruments (or instrument of payment) and cashless funds (quasi money, or musical instruments of credit rating, which is payable only for a certain time in the future). 5. Key duties of investment financial institutions are featuring investment agency, underwriting fresh issues of stocks or corporate you possess and trading them on the primary marketplaces, buying and selling securities on extra markets because brokers. six. Public financial is concerned with how governments raise funds, how that money is usually spent, plus the effects of these kinds of activities for the...


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