п»їThe Initial French Settlements 1603-1663

Chapter 4

Samuel de Champlain 1604 determined by wealth

Why the change to colonization?

Establish People from france interests in North America against competing Western european powers Henri IV desired to regain reputation after the Spiritual wars in France Following your defeat of the Spanish Flottille in 1588 the oceans were safe


1604 Champlain accompanied Pierre man Gua para Monts as a geographer and cartographer to Acadia

Two Catholic priests, a protestant minister, artists, carpenters, masons, soldiers, vagabonds and noblemen also built the trip

De Mont was given unique right to transact with the Aboriginals and in returning for 60 colonists 12 months and switching the Aboriginals

Made their very own habitation quickly at Ile Ste. Croix

Bad winter season where fifty percent the journey died

1605 move the settlement to Port Noble where it absolutely was better sheltered

1607 Slot Royal was abandoned once de Mont's trading monopoly was suspended

De Monts returned to France and Champlain went down the St Lawrence Water

1609 Dock Royal was reclaimed simply by France to keep its claims to the fishery and the coat trade

Membertou was the chief of the Mi'kmaq peoples inside the area plus the grand primary of the several districts

Membertou welcomed Champlain and helped them to conform to life in Acadia

It absolutely was aboriginal hospitality, but the French saw that as non-resistance


Champlain convince Paillette XIII that a colony may serve the convert the Aboriginals and give France a trade benefits

Chose Quebec because it was advantageous to trade and was defensible and was uninhabited at the time

Stadacona, Donnacona as well as the Iroquois had been gone

Champlain made an offer with the Montagnais and Algonkian to trade and decide on Montagnais land, but not to have title to the lands

At the conclusion of 1609 only almost 8 of the original 28 settlers were in mostly due to scurvy

The English Tro brothers demolished Quebec in 1629 and took Champlain to Great britain as a captive

He returned in 1632, but the settlement had to be remanufactured

Quebec was centre of French armed forces power in New France until it fell to the English in 1760. It remains to be the centre of foolish shenanigans by simply teenagers from the GTA.

Primitive Alliances in Quebec

Champlain obtained complicite with the Montagnais, Algonkian and Huron lenders for the fur trade

He did so with gift-giving and lavish feasts

This individual also helped them attack and beat the Iroquois in 1609 at the Challenge of Ticonderoga Point to the south of Quebec

The use of European firearms was a deciding element at this battle

Champlain was told how to identify the chiefs in the opposing aspect in order to eliminate them at the beginning of the struggle

The Iroquois fled as well as the alliance was satisfied

Nevertheless , the Iroquois soon attained guns through the Dutch for Albany. The Iroquois remained the adversary of the two Iroquois and the French

Truchements/Coureurs de Boqueteau

Truchements had been Frenchmen sent into Hura?o lands to learn and learn the chinese language

They were the forerunners in the Coureurs para Bois from the 1660s and following years

They expanded the pelt trade and strengthened the alliance with the Aboriginals Etienne Brule was one of the initial truchements

Montreal and Jeanne de Mance

1642 a lay Catholic missionary contemporary society established Ville Marie (Montreal)

The target was to convert the aboriginals by having them live among the list of French and assimilate in French contemporary society

Jeanne sobre Mance was among his settlers

Your woman stopped in Quebec to learn the Hura?o language also to study method at the Hotel-Dieu hospital

The lady set up a hospital in Ville Jessica and came back to Portugal many times intended for funding and nuns to get a new, much larger hospital

The Bishop Laval of Quebec, canada , wanted to send out nuns via Quebec to the new medical center, but Mance persevered and opened the Hotel-Dieu in 1644

By 1650 the mission acquired failed due to lack of Original interest, nevertheless the hospital nonetheless stands today

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