Kopper Kettle Treats Case Terme conseille


Category marketing

Teacher: Karen O' Rouke

By: Daisy Chan

Kopper Kettle Snacks Circumstance Cracker

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths| Weakness

* Experience in the industry 2. Has a very good local popularity * Features product offered at some community restaurants, and small food stores. * Some community restaurants presented it as a side dish with very good feedback coming from consumers 5. Healthy and decadent potato chips * Hand made Kettle snacks * Willing to expand upon product flavors * Sees that the company cannot cater to the complete country with their snacks ( company understands their boundaries)| * Demands more growth in item flavours * Low marketing budget * Tiny plant which means low creation * Development in the market aside from the local customers * Company has a website but just covers background a note about the kettle chips. 2. Limited creation equipment * Looking for Specific niche market Market| Opportunities| Threats

* Persons want to be more healthy and live longer 5. 48% of folks enjoy snacks as a snack * Individuals are often incredibly busy times and the age bracket 35-54 report skipping 74% of meals this can result in them snacking more often. * Salty snacks grew a few. 7% whilst healthy snacks had a regarding 6. four % 5. People want a snack that is quick and bienfaisant because they are period starved. 5. Men choose to have the junk food while women prefer the more healthy alternatives such as yogurt, fruit, and vegetables. * 21% of Ontarians snacked a few times a day in the middle meals. 5. 19% of individuals ages 18-34 prefer to munch in the morning 5. 13% of men and women ages 35-54 prefer snacking in the morning * 55% of individuals 18-34 snack food in the evening * 42% of people 35-54 snack in the afternoon 2. 61% of individuals 18-34 snack food in the evening 2. 60% of men and women 35-54 snack food in the evening * 34% of folks 18-34 snack food before foundation * 24% of people 35-54 snack prior to bed. 2. Consumers are generally of diverse ethnic backgrounds| * Consumer concern about the healthiness of the poker chips with perceptions towards the volume of sodium in the product, the essential oils its cooked properly in, the trans-fats, unhealthy calories and activity of premiumness. * Economic depression * Individuals are watching their very own wallets and searching for top quality products that are worth the buy. 5. Frito lay down company rules 80% of the chip market. * Frito- Lay provides the mass market and has developed cooked chips, casually salted poker chips and change the oil employed in cooking because of health concerns via consumers in chips. 2. Old Nederlander develops pot cooked potato chips with a variety of flavours such as Cheddar. * Neal Friends is focused upon organic products pertaining to snack industry. * Humpty Dumpty 2. Cape Cod * Miss. Vickie's|

Consumer Behaviour∕Segmentation Analysis:

Consumer Behaviour about the product mix.

| Market Section 1Men| Market Segment 2Afternoon Snacker| Marketplace Segment 3Evening Snacker| Product| * Middle-high quality ingredients * Outdated cheddar, tangy lime zest, and spicy jalapeno flavoured chips. * Red, purple, and dark-colored packaging with a distinct kettle logo that has rose vines wrapped about it. * Will have caloric count, not any trans fat, and made with sunflower oil on the packaging. | 5. Mid-high elements * Hoagie flavoured potato chips that taste like roast beef, pastrami, grilled cheese, BLT and Chicken Club. * Chips would cover anything from lightly salted to cooked to first recipe. 2. Packaging includes no trans fat within the label, made out of soybean olive oil on, and low salt content in health information. * Presentation will be metallic, teal, and handwriting design lettering in gold with the kettle entwined by increased vines logo design on it. | * Blood, peaches, blueberry, apple, pomegranate, mango flavoured chips protected with light, milk, or dark chocolate having a hint in the middle of the chip. * Packaged in green with stainless coloured extravagant mid 18th century style scripture onto it with the custom logo....


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