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History to BP plc3

The Gulf of Mexico Incident4

BP's Famous Market Positioning4

Internal and External Analysis5

Internal Analysis – The SWOT Version. 6

Exterior Analysis – The PESTLE Model8

Proper Choices9


Porter's General Strategies10

Ansoff's Matrix11




The global business environment is never more challenging to get companies and company management clubs who will be facing constant pressures via an array of several sources including changing buyer demand patters, difficult monetary conditions and increasing competition from emerging economies (Banerjee, 2010). One way for companies to remain practical is to have streamlined marketing plans. Strategic advertising is broader than classic marketing as it focuses on including the overall advertising function within the long term corporate and business strategy (Reis & Bass, 2010). This report considers how proper marketing may be used to respond to a bad event simply by considering the impact of the Gulf oil spill on BP plc. Backdrop to BP plc

Among the oldest and a lot recognised global corporations, BP plc (" BP”) is one of the world's major energy firms with intensive operations inside the petrochemical, gas and alternate energy areas (MarketLine Inc, 2012). The organization is one of the four largest global listed corporations with dual listings within the New York and London share exchanges (MarketLine Inc, 2012). For the entire year ended thirty first December 2012, the company experienced operations in over 85 countries having a total staff of 80 five thousand (BP plc, 2012). BP are operating in all major upstream, midstream and downstream areas of the petrochemical and natural gas industry through its 3 operating categories; exploration and production; refining and advertising; and, additional business and company (BP plc, 2012). The exploration and production division is involved in the breakthrough discovery and progress new gas and oil fields as well as extraction of crude oil and gas (BP plc, 2012). The refining and promoting division concentrates on refining and delivery of products to corporate and private buyers; while additional business and company houses centralised corporate capabilities and is also engaged in advancement alternative powers such as wind flow and solar energy (BP plc, 2012). Given its size and the competitive nature of its industry, strategic marketing initiatives will be key to the general success of the company.

The Gulf Incident

Contrary to most consumer oriented companies, BP provides limited product development options. The portfolio of goods is dependent in crude oil and natural gas. Furthermore, the nature of a great extractive market puts the business under a microscope with regards to it is environmental safety and protection record. The Gulf of Mexico episode represents a major event, the repercussions that need to be been able strategically with a marketing orientation in order to ensure the future stability of the organization. On twentieth April 2010, an exploding market occurred on the Deepwater Distance oil rig, which was conducting exploratory going in the Gulf on a BP operated license (Balmer, 2010). The explosion was tracked to a mistake in the petrol well sealing system which in turn allowed combustible gases and crude oil to blowback and leak in the primary extraction water pipe (Balmer, 2010). The resultant explosion brought on the petrol rig to explode and drain, resulting in the deaths of eleven people. Furthermore, crude oil began to flow in to the Gulf of Mexico in the open drill hole, located forty 1 miles from the coast of Louisiana. The flow of crude oil in to the ocean was equivalent to approximately 60, 500 barrels of oil every day (MarketLine Inc, 2012). The Deepwater Intervalle incident is considered to be the worst ecological devastation in US history with devastating environmental impact on endangered species of ocean...

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