Shakespeare in the 21st Century

Love him or hate him, it seems Shakespeare remains to be inspiring passion and firing debate. An analysis on the relevance of Shakespeare in today's world Nearly 400 years after his death the works of Shakespeare display little sign of burning off their recognition. Rather the reverse, most likely, in a year if he is regularly both re-written and performed in his original state pertaining to television and radio, and produced in his entirety by RSC in Stratford, using a variety of films in a variety of costumes and periods. It seems that Shakespeare is as relevant today as ever before he was. Or perhaps is this individual? While the moments he occupied might seem incredibly alien to us whenever we could travelling back to them, and his vocabulary has a richness that has certainly not survived in the present day, however human nature does not change as well as for many that is certainly where the plays' appeal is. Dr Dorothy Knight, lecturer and specialist in Renaissance Literature on the University of Leicester Department of British explains: His plots will be relatively amazing. For instance Very much Ado Regarding Nothing is a vintage scenario – boy and girl can't stand each other, then get together. However it is a great extraordinarily complex play with the level of language. If you've recently been trained to read Shakespeare by A level or perhaps university you have access to this kind of amazingly abundant medium. However , sometimes studying Shakespeare may become alienating for school where play can be something you need to slog right through to pass an exam. If the language is definitely both Shakespeare's glory and a buffer to increased understanding then is it justified to re-write the Brancard, as in the most recent BBC tv series? One of Dr Knight's students, Debbie Griffin, thinks which can be a good idea. " I actually want it when the language and establishing are up to date. I've got a young sister and there's no approach she can sit through a traditional working of Shakespeare. If it's put in modern day setting it keeps young adults interested. ” Her friend, Lucy Clark is...


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