" I must Be Me personally, I Cannot be Anyone Else. ”

" I had been born to get true and not to be ideal, ” Epey said in the speech. Epey is the winner of the well-known segment in It's Showtime – Gowns My Tomboy. In this part, they (lesbians) let me, the madlang persons and the universe to see their very own worth as a lesbian and since a human. Additionally they made me believe all of us may be accepted in the society over and above our imperfections, because regardless of how imperfect we are, there are still things that we has to be proud of and things that individuals must treasure – the abilities, expertise, talents, and personalities and us, becoming true to themselves, and us, friends, and loved ones. I actually am Joanne Mae Orilla. I believe there is no one who also knows you so much although yourself which there is this kind of a great delight when you realize that you live your life becoming true to your self. I was fourteen years of age, eight-grader scholar and Now i'm proud to talk about that although I'm still young, We already uncovered some of my own talents and skills aiming to improve these people nowadays. I actually am a dancer, yet I'm moving not to make an impression but to express my emotions, myself, and my life, just like what other dancers do. We am good at the so-called " cursed” subject in all of world – Math, and I'm happy with it. I think that it simply really usually takes perseverance and hard learning to understand the challenging and crazy concepts and challenges. I am good in puzzles, and logical questions, as well. Those are some of my biggest skills that I'm really proud of and i also consider all of them as one of the most crucial thing in my life together with my personal personality and confidence. Without one, I how to start if I am me, in the event that I'm the Joanne today. I contemplate my inspirations and encouragers as significant in my life. They are really my family, close friends, Ina and Xyrille along with Daniel Padilla. Without them, We don't basically will have courage to study hard or show my skillsets and expertise. I consider my talents, skills, skills, and personalities as my own...


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