Glydel D. FornanMr. Anthony M. Caro

Class 7-RubyADTech We

PSHS-SRCAugust twenty-seven, 2013


It had been the 3rd week of September when each of our teacher advised us to generate a paper mosaic. I was excited since this is a first time Let me make a paper mosaic.

When our teacher gave us each of our pieces, I had been happy since I already had the theory what to do. Therefore i just started slicing little items of paper initial and then following cutting I started pasting it to the bird's wings. But each of our time resulted in ADTech that day and i also wasn't in a position to finish it but each of our teacher declared that we is going to do it once again the next day.

The next day came and our teacher gave it back to us so I tried to end it yet unfortunately we didn't have sufficient time and so our tutor just gave it to us and enable us end it towards the dorm. Following our last period inside the afternoon, I actually immediately do t so that I can complete it early. But as rapidly I was going to stick the paper, all of it flew and my endurance is needs to wore away.

As time passes by simply, my tolerance is really getting low since I had not been really wanting that producing paper variety would be that hard so I just ongoing pasting papers. And when I was finished, I had been a little bit completely happy of what I did. In like manner summarize my reactions regarding paper mosaic, I was like at first " Yehey! ”, " Woohoo” then " What!? ”, " Aurgh! ” then finally " Success”.

With this kind of activity, I learned that we must be patient in anything we do ‘cause regardless of big or small we are doing, success is in the end always.


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