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Discovering the own individuality, finding your self, is simply a discovery that is located through the trip of lifestyle. Jane Harrison produced the contemporary perform Rainbows End. Set through the 1950's on the river ‘flats' between the villages of Shepparton and Mooroopna, Victoria, Harrison shows how discovery has been altered by the past encounters of the 3 Aboriginal females, Nan Special, Gladys and Dolly. The family portrays a sense of ‘loyalty, love and support intended for both, one another and the wider Aboriginal community. ' A feeling of self-discovery is important within their traditions as they are separated and left out of the white colored society. Harrison uses a various techniques to explore the concept of breakthrough discovery within the lives of the Special family.

- Nan represents ‘the old ways'. She is the voice for traditional Aboriginal customs and beliefs. - The door is a dual metaphor, as it signifies what restricts us in addition to a doorway for brand spanking new prospects. Additionally, it implores readers to take a chance and change resulting from exposing themselves to the exterior world. The italicised word ‘maybe' yet , cautions people who change could possibly be challenging. It also suggests that what lies beyond the door will change to everybody. - Cultural Narrative = ‘They required us to leave, required us to leave cummeragunja. our home'

- Gladys represents unaggressive Aboriginal unhappiness. She wants to be part of white society and can not work against it to bring modify for her people - The door symbolises fresh opportunities and emphasises that people need to take action to expand their course. The repeating of the crucial command, ‘Go and open up the door'. This makes the reader consider what the opened door would reveal to us - Metaphor = " That valve, where's my white-colored gloves” > It reinforces the position of difference between the aboriginals and the white community. Gladys feels as if she's not really accepted in the neighborhood, therefore she's finding...


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