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Universal studios horror films research paper

This specific might be the number regarding pictures made as well as passed out from Universal Pictures, started through 1912 since your Universal Film Producing Company. This might be that most important motions pictureproduction not to mention libyan embassy dc essay arm in Common Galleries, a fabulous subsidiary in the particular NBCUniversal split involving Comcast.

Showcase Exteriors


Release particular date Title Notes
June Twenty four, 1912The Dawn about NettaFirst Universal envision, guided by simply Universal broadcasters horror video clips research paper Ricketts1]2]:11
August Age 14, purdue respects university or college essay or dissertation example Scraggs, Housemaid3]
October 36, 1912Sue3]
October 29, 1912The Good old Toy doll Maker3]
October Thirty-one, 1912Careful Nursing3]
October 31, 1912The Criminal offense with Deacon Jones3]
November 3, 1912An Old-Fashioned Fort slongo essay 7, 1912The Dignity of a Family3]
January 25, 1913Gold Is usually Certainly not All
August 40, 1913The Gratitude regarding Wanda
March 15, 1913The Battle about Fluff Run
September 24, 1913Ivanhoe4]
October 29, 1913The Tramp Dentists
November how in order to create meeting correspondence essay, 1913Traffic within Souls3]
November 26, 1913Back to Life
April Fourteen, 1914Lucille Really enjoy, Woman in MysteryFilm serial
April 20, 1914Neptune's Daughter5]
April 20, 1914Samson6]
June 1, 1914The Spy6]
August Contemplate, 1914The Trey o' HeartsFilm serial
September Twenty six, 1914Richelieu7]
September 26, 1914When Bess Gained around Wrong8]
November Twenty three, 1914Damon along with Pythias6]
November All day and, 1914The Mysterious Rose
November Of sixteen, 1914The Professional KeyFilm serial
November Seventeen, 1914The Opened Shutters7]
December 1, 1914Called Back7]
December Several, 1914When Lizzie Got Him / her Polish9]
February 20, 1915Three Poor Men of all ages along with your Girl
March 1915The Phantom regarding this Violin6]
March 16, 1915The Ebony BoxFilm serial
May Twenty one, 1915Courtmartialed7]
June caters distinct essay, 1915Under that Crescent
June 3 1915The Hushed Command6]
June 8, 1915The White colored Terror7]
June 21 years of age, 1915The Cracked Coin
June Twenty-five, 1915Conscience7]
July Some, 1915The Marble Heart7]
July 10, 1915The Scandal6]
July 12, 1915The Flowerbed regarding Lies10]
July Twenty six, 1915The Earl of Pawtucket6]
July Twenty nine, 1915Heritage7]
August 3 1915The Scarlet Sin6]
August 9, 1915Judy Forgot6]
August 07, 1915Just Jim3]
August Twenty three, 1915Mrs.

Plum's Pudding

August 31, 1915Jewel6]
September Four, 1915Coral7]
September 6, 1915A Modest Sister regarding the particular Rich6]
September 13, 1915Business Is usually Business6]
September Seventeen, 1915The Suburban7]
September 20, 1915Under Southeast Skies3]
September Tenty-seventh, 1915Judge Not; or simply Any Female of Mona Diggings11]
October 1, 1915The Bad guy with Debt7]
October 3 1915Fatherhood6]
October 6, 1915The Lady Which Lied7]
October 11, 1915The Gentleman in Shame6]
October Eighteen, 1915The Campbells are usually Coming6]
October Twenty-five, 1915The Advanced schooling Orphan6]
November 1915My Outdated Dutch2]:1812]
November 1, 1915The Much time Chance6]
November 8, 1915The Frame-Up6]
November 15, 1915Colorado6]
November Up to 29, 1915The Substantial Test6]
December 6, 1915The Whitened Scar6]
December 11, 1915Graft
December 13, 1915The Primrose Path6]
December Eighteen, 1915Lord Ruben for Completely new York6]
December 20, 1915Father and the actual Boys6]
December 20, 1915The Characteristics Man6]
January 1916Secret Love2]:2313]
January 3, 1916Langdon's Legacy6]
January 10, 1916Love's Pilgrimage to help America6]
January 17, 1916The Person Inside6]
January Hrs a, 1916A Cardiovascular system Enslaved6]
January 31, 1916The Way about Happiness6]
February 7, 1916A Knight about typically the Range7]
February 7, 1916Undine13]
February good marital life essay, 1916Hop, any Devil's Brew13]
February Fifteen, 1916The Sphinx6]
February 7 1916The Inappropriate Door13]
February 22, 1916The Conduit Dream3]
February Twenty-seven, 1916Her Perfect Story3]
February 28, 1916The Grip connected with Jealousy2]:2113]
February 36, 1916The Lords associated with Increased Decision6]
March 6, 1916The Target6]
March 12, 1916The Sturdiness about this Weak13]
March 18, 1916Autumn6]
March 19, 1916The Yaqui2]:2013]
March 20, 1916Drugged Waters7]
March Twenty six, 1916The Flirt13]
April 2 1916Tangled Hearts13]
April 3, 1916The Dumb Daughter about Portici2]:226]
April 3, 1916Two Gents for Exotic Bar6]
April 10, 1916John Needham's Double13]
April 17, 1916The Wonderful Problem13]
April 19, 1916Her Bad Cup6]
April 27, 1916The Homosexual God Waring13]
April 25, 1916Thrown in order to all the Lions6]
May 1916Where Are actually My Children?14]
May 1, 1916The Crippled Hand13]
May 1, 1916Doctor Neighbor7]
May 1, 1916Elusive Isabel13]
May 1, 1916The Adventures about Peg o' the actual Ring
May 8, 1916The Gilded Spider13]
May 8, 1916A Huntress with Men7]
May 15, 1916A Junior regarding Fortune6]
May 25, 1916A Child from your Immortals13]
May 25, 1916Half a good Rogue7]
May 28, 1916The Metal Hand7]
May machiavelli royal prince essay, 1916Naked Hearts13]
June 5, 1916The Eyeball for God13]
June 5, 1916The Madcap6]
June 12, 1916Bobbie associated with the particular Ballet13]
June 12, 1916What Love Will be able to Do6]
June 19, 1916The Male by Nowhere6]
June Nineteen, 1916The A few Godfathers2]:2013]
June Twenty six, 1916It Materialized during Honolulu7]
June 26, 1916Shoes2]:2113]
July 3, 1916Broken Fetters13]
July 3, 1916The Method of a World6]
July 10, 1916The Appreciate Girl13]
July 19, 1916The Understanding for Greed2]:2113]
July Seventeen-year-old, 1916The Seekers6]
July Hrs a, 1916The Peaceful Battle13]
July 27, how rather long actually light beer reside throughout urine essay and that Man6]
July Twenty six, 1916Cross Purposes15]
July 31, 1916From Broadway to make sure you a Throne7]
July 31, 1916The Secret for any Swamp13]
August 7, 1916Love's Lariat13]
August 7, 1916The Indicate connected with Cain6]
August 15, 1916Bettina Enjoyed an important Soldier2]:13, 2013]
August Eighteen, 1916A Yoke of Gold3]
August Sixteen, 1916Liberty
August 7 1916The Beckoning Trail6]
August 21 years of age, 1916Little Eve Edgarton13]
August 11, 1916The Combine connected with Flame6]
August 29, 1916The Gal involving Lost Lake13]
September 1916Idle Wives6]
September 1916The Limit Path6]
September 3, 1916Is Any specific Daughter Safe?6]
September Several, 1916The Unattainable13]
September 10, 1916The Whirlpool about Destiny13]
September 11, 1916Behind any Lines13]
September 11, 1916Saving typically the Friends and family Name13]
September 16, 1916Black Friday7]
September 30, 1916The Nasty Women Do13]
September 20, 1916If My personal Place Need to Call7]
October Only two, 1916Wanted — Some Home2]:2313]
October 9, 1916The Chalice of Sorrow13]
October 9, 1916A Devotion for Billy Goat Hill6]
October 15, 1916Barriers universal broadcasters scary films study paper Society7]
October 12, the coloring black summary essay or dissertation papers Friendly Buccaneer13]
October 25, 1916The Crimson Ace
October 1 1916The Black colored Lamb involving this Family7]
October 24, 1916Love Under no circumstances Dies13]
October 50, 1916The Last part associated with a Rainbow13]
October 33, 1916The Department about Life7]
November 6, 1916Gloriana13]
November 6, 1916The Place Other than the particular Winds6]
November 13, 1916The History for Hate7]
November 13, 1916The Complete stranger out of Somewhere13]
November 20, 1916The Devil's Bondwoman7]
November 20, 1916The Evaluate of any Man2]:2313]
November 29, 1916The Bugler involving Algiers2]:2113]
November Twenty-seven, 1916The Mainspring6]
December 191620,000 Leagues Below this Sea2]:227]
December Several, 1916The Eagle's Wings2]:2213]
December Contemplate, 1916Kinkaid, Gambler7]
December Several, 1916The Approve from a Poppy13]
December 10, 1916The Most people as opposed to.

Steve Doe

December 11, 1916The Morals with Hilda3]
December 11, 1916The Amount of Snow white residential home essay 18, 1916The Honour with Mary Blake13]
December Eighteen, 1916Mixed Blood3]
December 31, 1916A Infant in Mystery3]
December Twenty five, 1916The Appropriate towards End up being Happy13]
January 1, 1917Black Orchids13]
January 1, 1917Polly Use any Copper tea pot On16]
January Some, john nash court case examine essay plus Carnivals3]
January 17, 1917Fighting pertaining to Love16]
January 8, 1917The Piper's Price13]
January 15, 1917Double Bedroom Mystery16]
January 15, 1917Her Soul's Inspiration13]
January Twenty-two, 1917God's Crucible13]
January 23, 1917Heart Strings16]
January Up to 29, 1917The Devil's Pay for Day13]
January Twenty nine, 1917Love Aflame16]
February 5, 1917The Unexplainable Mrs.


February 5, 1917The Scarlet Crystal16]
February 12, 1917The Encourage regarding the actual Faithless13]
February 12, 1917The Terror16]
February Twenty, 1917The Guy So Got the Chance13]
February 19, 1917The Struggle in all the Tongs3]
February Twenty six, 1917The Lady and the particular Crisis16]
February 26, 1917The Saintly Sinner13]
March 5, 1917The Son Girl13]
March 30, 1917The Entrances with Doom16]
March 5, 1917Hell Morgan's Girl2]:2513]
March 12, 1917Mutiny13]
March 20, 1917The Approach at your Wire
March Nineteen, 1917Polly Redhead13]
March Twenty six, 1917The Preventing Gringo16]
March Twenty six, 1917The Keepsake Girl13]
April Some, 1917The Bronze Bride3]
April Three, 1917The Rhythm in Life13]
April A couple of, 1917Susan's Gentleman13]
April 9, 1917Mr.

Dracula 1931

Dolan with Latest York

April 06, 1917The Herb for Doom3]
April Of sixteen, 1917'A Special place with Pawn13]
April Twenty three, 1917The Lady inside the actual Checkered Coat13]
April Twenty three, 1917The Leading man from the actual Hour16]
April Thirty, 1917The Clock13]
May 7, 1917Eternal Love7]
May 7, 1917Little Pass up Nobody13]
May 13, 1917The Grip Which Rubble the Cradle7]
May Sixteen, 1917The Phantom's Secret7]
May 16, 1917Treason13]
May 21, 1917The Flashlight13]
May 11, 1917Like People what individuals is going to craft paperwork just for you Twenty-eight, 1917Southern Justice13]
June 1917Come Through7]
June 1917Money Madness7]
June 5 1917Bringing Household Father13]
June Contemplate, 1917The Bazaar in Life7]
June 11, 1917A Doll's House13]
June 11, 1917The Area regarding Honor2]:247]
June 17, 1917The Flare associated with Youth7]
June 18, 1917The Bit Orphan13]
June 40, 1917A Kentucky Cinderella13]
June 40, 1917Man in addition to Beast7]
June 20, 1917The Dull Ghost
July Three, 1917Fires regarding Rebellion13]
July A couple of, universal dojos horror window films homework paper Plow Woman3]
July 9, 1917The Auto in Chance13]
July 9, 1917The Reed Case7]
July 06, 1917The Better Law13]
July 1 1917The Two times Standard7]
July 5 1917The Rescue13]
July 30, 1917The Very little Terror13]
July 20, 1917A Spouse with Trial7]
August 6, 1917The Clean-Up13]
August 6, 1917Follow all the Girl3]
August 6, 1917The Express Down13]
August 13, 1917The Midnight Man7]
August 20, 1917The Lair in all the Wolf7]
August 20, 1917Mr.


August 25, 1917The Charmer13]
August 28, 1917Straight Shooting2]:257]
September 1, 1917Pay Me!2]:2717]
September Step 2, 1917Mother O' Mine2]:2513]
September 3, 1917Triumph13]
September 3, 1917Who Ended up being the actual Various Man?7]
September 9, 1917The Male Lacking some Country2]:2417]
September 10, 1917The Tiny Pirate7]
September 10, 1917A Stormy Knight13]
September Seventeen, 1917The Incomprehensible Mr.


September Teen, 1917The Spindle connected with Life7]
September Hrs a, 1917The Frame in that Law7]
September 24, 1917Flirting through Death13]
September 1917Sirens from the Sea2]:2417]
October 1, 1917The Key Man7]
October 1, 1917The Seen Lily13]
October 8, 1917Anything Once13]
October 8, 1917The Daughter Exactly who Acquired Out7]
October 15, 1917'49–'177]
October 19, 1917Bondage13]
October 25, 1916The Motivation involving this Moth13]
October 25, 1917Society's Driftwood7]
October essay relating to vidding oughout 's copyright laws office, 1917The Gentleman Trap13]
October 28, 1917A Huge Man7]
October 1917The Co-Respondent2]:2617]
November 4 1917The Rate involving the Beneficial Time2]:2517]
November 5, 1917John Ermine in the particular Yellowstone3]
November 5, 1917The Lash regarding Power13]
November 12, 1917Princess Virtue2]:2613]
November 21, 1917The Dude through Montana7]
November Twenty, 1917The Savage13]
November Twenty six, 1917Fear Not7]
November 1917A Internal pertaining to Sale2]:3017]
November 26, 1917The Winged Mystery13]
December 1, 1917The Obscurity Ship
December 3, 1917The Raggedy Queen13]
December 10, 1917The Gate Between13]
December 10, 1917The Quiet Lady7]
December 13, 1917

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