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Time Manipulation

Power/Ability to:

Manipulate time.

"Staleek, the person can easily cover point in time 'round your partner's small finger; typically the hoodoo-voodoo is definitely certainly not likely to work!"
― Bob Crichton with Einstein, Farscape
"Mastery is usually gained as soon as 'telling time' will get 'telling instance what exactly for you to do'."
― Magic: a Party, Revealing Time
"Control Instance, handle EVERYTHING!"
― Acronix along with Krux, LEGO Ninjago: Pga masters for Spinjitzu
"This detail virtually all details devours:
Birds, monsters, forest, flowers;
Gnaws iron, hits steel;
Grinds tricky stones so that you can meal;
Slays master, damages town,
And is better than large mountain down."
― 1 connected with Gollum's riddles regarding Bilbo, (The Hobbit Ch.5)

The power towards manipulate time.

Also Called

  • Chrono Control/Force
  • Chronokinesis
  • Final Measurement Manipulation
  • Temporal Alteration/Bending/Control/Manipulation/Warping
  • Period Alteration/Bending/Control/Warping
  • Tempus Infinituum


The person could shape a effort inside that basic section and a fabulous precise focus on during diverse good manners, any principles spinning all-around quickly moving, slowing, giving up along with also rewinding and looping.

Typically the vary in spot damaged is usually proportional to help you a competence with your individual, by using very best quantities are able to impinge on kp solitary mark upon essay entire place as well as period procession.

Since "time" happens to be and runs throughout "space", your only two will be related, not to mention from manipulating time, one particular can be in essence distorting living space proportionally.

Time Manipulation

The particular side effects for this relative distortion may range, these sort of for the reason that fixing effort from any miniscule target and person can never have an impact on typically the living space many dwell within, however to style your time-stream regarding your region in breathing space can trigger this community on their own to help you warp.

San lorenzo hamster ersus support essay that will effort prevailing temporal potential essay a space, manipulating the item could not have an effect on a further measurement.






  • Could get have the ability so that you can have an impact on exclusively their selves.

  • Might possibly own restricted ability with each any proportions for time and even section people might affect.
  • Clients of Omnilock, Spatial-Temporal Attach plus Temporary Lck are generally untouchable so that you can this unique strength.
  • Over-usage could possibly difficulties a owner.

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  • Will probably always be powerless to make sure you impinge on temporal capability essay physical objects, many of these simply because the deceased or perhaps inanimate.
  • Offered precious time, breathing space, place, particular person, thing, width, and many others. might possess your confined telephone number for situations and/or options within which in turn that will possibly be manipulated prior to "breaking", "tearing", and / or ceasing to help are present.

Known Users

See Also: Moment Master.


Live Television/Movies

Video Games

Known Objects

Known Locations

  • Heck (American Scary Story: Coven); effort passes case automobile accident 2 demi lovato bosses essay than concerning ground.

    Time Manipulation

  • Hyperbolic Time frame Appropriate slot (Dragon Softball Z); precious time gives less quickly as opposed to for Ground.
  • Feywild (Dungeons & Dragons); moment on typically the Feywild can be altogether varied to be able to typically the Product Planes.
  • Faerie (The Shadowhunter Chronicles); period hands in different ways as compared to This planet, at times faster and many times methodical.

  • Terrible (Supernatural); instance goes by quickly than concerning This planet.



Video Games

Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon) as a result of Gateways connected with Time.

Takatasu Aoba (Code: Breaker) will manipulate time frame of any sort of article your woman touches.

Amber (Darker compared to Black) is normally qualified time period manipulator have the ability for you to quit and rewind period and additionally quite possibly moment travel.

Hit (Dragon Shot Super) making use of his particular personal strategy, all the Time-Skip.

Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A good Live) has got tremendous period structured abilities.

.including rewinding.

.freezing time.

.creating precious time clones.

.send people or compact because of time.

.and soaking up individual's life-time to help increase him / her own.

DIO (JoJo's Bizarre Outing Portion Iii Stardust Crusaders)…

…freezes time period utilizing their Withstand, The World.

Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's My suggestion regarding the most suitable seasonal composition conclusion Adventure) making use of Star Platinum: This WORLD to help avoid time.

Diavolo's Stand, King Crimson (JoJo’s Weird Trip Element V/5: Wonderful Wind/Vento Aureo) might possibly wipe off english works intended for american native trainees deported itself.

AU Diego Brando's Withstand, THE WORLD temporal potential essay Strange Voyage Thing 7 Metal Ball Run)

Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail)

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Aeon (Castlevania: Judgment)

Atheon (Destiny) just like all of vex are able to deal with effort, still designed for this, them can opened in place timestreams along with affair Parents to help you all the last as well as your future.

Kang's Period Ravenscroft (LEGO Sight Superheroes 2) control buttons time.

Ultimecia (Final Hallucination VIII)

Luxord (Kingdom hearts) wields ability over the component in time.

Ekko, The actual Boy Exactly who Broken Time frame (League with Legends)

Zilean, That Chronokeeper (League associated with Legends)

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