My spouse and i. Executive Overview a. One to two paragraph firm background b. Summary of recommendations c. Strategy Map to show just how all your advice hang jointly Note: only 3 web pages II. Research Design and Methodology a. Data gathering techniques w. Framework of analysis used c. Processes/Activities

Take note: Not more than two pages. III. Societal Environment Analysis Choose factors inside the societal environment that are strongly related your industry/company. Gather and present info, analyze these people and make sure the analysis will bring out the OPPORTUNITIES and RISKS found in the societal environment. Use the STAGE framework in just about any order as a general outline: A. M. C. Deb. Socio-Cultural Scientific Economic Political-Legal[9/2/2010 9: 45: 09 PM]


To help you brainstorm on what factors to consider in the societal environmental analysis, you can utilize the stand below. A lot of Important Variables in the Social Environment


Globalization of Markets E-commerce GNP trends Interest rates Cash Supply Pumpiing rates Joblessness levels Wage/price controls Depreciation/ Appreciation of Currency Strength availa-bility and cost Throw away and discretionary income


New developments in THIS Total countrywide spending to get R& M Total market spending pertaining to R& D Focus of technological efforts Patent protection New releases New innovations in technology transfer coming from lab to sell place Output improvements through automation


Stability of presidency Environmental security laws Tax laws


E-life, N-generation Life-style improvements Career objectives Rate of family creation

Special bonuses Consumer movements Foreign operate regulations Growth rate of population Attitudes toward foreign companies Laws and regulations on selecting and promo Fair trade laws Existence expectancies Beginning rates Age group distribution of population Regional shifts in population

IV. Industry Evaluation You can use any framework of research. If you are going to utilize 5-Forces of Competition, make sure that as you cover each and every force of competition and make sure that you are able to: a. Provide adequate information to assess the strength or weakness from the force of competition; n. Cite specific factors affecting the power of competition. These elements are found beneath.[9/2/2010 9: forty-five: 09 PM]


Outline with this chapter employs the five forces of competition version: a. b. c. m. e. Risk of new entrants Rivalry among existing firms Bargaining benefits of Buyers Negotiating power of Retailers Threat of Substitute Goods

Make sure that as you discuss every force of competition you can clearly condition the pressure of competition as both STRONG, AVERAGE or WEAK. If necessary contain a section referred to as Trends on the market. Part of your RIVALRY between EXISTING ORGANIZATIONS section could be the COMPETITIVE PROFILE MATRIX. With this matrix, incorporate sufficient information on competitors so your ratings will probably be appreciated by the panelists. V. External Component Evaluation Matrix This will serve as a summary of the Societal Environmental Analysis and Industry Analysis. Write the particular opportunities and threats protected in the societal and market analysis. MIRE. Company Evaluation Use any framework of research. If you are going to use the 7-S platform, add the 8th H which is the State of Finances. Be sure that whatever platform you use must include a great analysis of the company's economical statements, if possible the last 3 years. The 8-s framework is found below.[9/2/2010 9: 45: 2009 PM]


Inner Analysis

7-S Framework

In the analysis from the culture and also the shared ideals of the company, include the examination of the mission/vision statement in terms of the seven components and exactly how the Mission/Vision is currently cascaded throughout the...

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