Norse Mythology and China Mythology

Various religions get their own philosophy. The majority of them get their own gods that people pray to. Many people can to sacrifice anything, just so that the gods could take them good fortune. All religions have their own amazing stories. Nobody can prove that all those stories are in reality true, thus we contact them misconceptions. Myths are derived from different countries, and even different parts of those countries. Each type of mythology is unique in its individual way. They may have different gods, and of course different stories. The focal points of the comparison are Norse and Chinese mythologies. They come coming from different parts of the world, but they do have some issues in common. Norse mythology, also known as Scandinavian mythology, comes from North Germany. Scandinavians believed that everything includes nine sides. Those planets are Midgard, Asgard, Vanaheimr, Jotunheimr, Alfheim, Svartalfar, Niflheim, Muspelheim and Helheim. Midgard was a place for individuals. In other words it was Earth. Asgard and Vanaheimr were the homes of gods. Jotunheimr was lived on by ice giants. Ice giants had been enemies of the Aesir (Asgardians) and had been always at war. Alfheim was brand name elves, and Svartalfar was obviously a home for dark elves or dwarfs. Also there was Niflheim the world of snow, and Muspelheim the world of fireplace. Finally Helheim or Stor was Hell, a place for the dead. Asgard was considered to be ruled by Odin who had been called the daddy of Gods. Odin was the ruler around the universe and the leader of Aesir. Aesir were a race of gods from Asgard. Thor was among the three of Odins sons. Thor was believed to be the God of thunder and thunder storms. In paintings, Thor was usually portrayed like a strong person with a extended beard and hair, he also usually held a hammer that he utilized to control thunder. People worshiped Thor as they was a sign of power and fertility. Thor was married to a goddess called Sif, whom beautiful girl with long glowing hair. Loki...


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