Malpractice By Nursing staff And The Honest Dilemmas They will Face

Lisa Hayes

ITT Technical Commence


Ju1y 1, 2014


1 . Thesis Affirmation

2 . Launch

3. Info on the malpractice lawsuits against nurses

some. Reasons for increase in lawsuits against nurses

5. Factors showing breach of law by nurses

six. Healthcare Integrity

7. Moral dilemmas confronted by the nursing staff

8. The other side of the discussion: Nurses produce far less errors than other doctors 9. Bottom line

Thesis Statement

In recent years, the issues of malpractice in treatments has been considerably increased and many patients need to suffer. Nevertheless how much is the nurses to become blamed intended for malpractice? The position of nursing staff is as significant as regarding doctor's and the role in the patient's treatment is crucial. Consequently , it is important to acknowledge the responsibilities of the nurses as well as the ethical dilemmas nurses deal with during their practice that may, occasionally, become a legal case of negligence. Introduction

There exists an increase in the number of malpractice lawsuits against rns. According to National Doctor Data Lender (NPDB), the figure increased from 253 in 1998 to 413 by simply 2001. The phone number increased in spite of the proper training of the healthcare professionals to make these people aware of all their professional and legal duties and limitations. A doctor can be correctly charged with negligence in the event his/her activities have caused harm to the patient, and this should certainly eventually cause a negligence lawsuit against the nurse. (Croke, 2003) Info On The Negligence Lawsuites Against Nurses

In 1990, the NPDB started collecting information about health care professionals subjected to negligence lawsuits together legal actions taken against them, like probation or perhaps license staying taken back or budgetary fines. Based on the date collected, the listed nurses have already been responsible for 3615 payments for malpractice (as shown by cases from 1990-2001). The non-specialized nursing staff made one of the most malpractice repayments (2, 311 or 63. 9%), the nurse anesthetists made 820 (or 22. 7%), and nurse midwives made 296 (or 8. 2%). Nps made the cheapest malpractice payments- (188 or 5. 2%). (Croke, 2003)

Reasons For Embrace Lawsuits Against Nurses

Particular number of causes for the increase in the number of malpractice lawsuits against the nurses. Inside the new cost-cutting environment in hospitals, nursing staff usually delegate part of their particular work to staff members which are not qualified to execute that process. Some of the responsibilities they assign can be considered since negligence and subjected to a malpractice suit. Secondly, more patients receive discharged early even when they might require proper nursing for a couple of more weeks. In this instance, if the person's situation dips after discharge, the rns may be blamed for not providing necessary proper care or looking at up on the patient's state regularly. In recent times, a lot of nurses have been cut off and hospitals have been closed down. This enhances the burden around the current healthcare professionals and this may well increase the probability of error. There have also been great advancements in technology, causing complicated hospital equipments that will be difficult for nurses to use efficiently, individuals who have not really been taught to use these devices. As a result of increase in understanding, patients are now fully aware of their rights and the required the nurses and the problems of malpractice resulting from insufficient care. Lastly, the scope of nursing skills has increased and so offers legal meanings of various professional responsibilities. This sometimes causes it to be challenging for nurses to comply with legal standards of medical care. (Croke, 2003) Elements Proving Break Of Legislation By The Nurses

There are particular types of negligence that can be used in a lawsuit against nurses. Such as failure to follow along with the inside standards of care, obeying physician's requests or making sure that you comply with...

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