William Golding's " God of the flies” is a new about selection of boys who also survive a plane crash and arrive at uninhabited island, where they need to do the actual can to have. The situation the boys happen to be in, causes them to work and believe radically, to create their own approach to rules and to help make it hard decisions without any affect of adults. It is extremely surprising how they plan their fresh society, how they treat the other person and what results their particular actions provide. Two main characters, Rob and Mike, at the beginning of the storyline become leaders, however their very own leadership way of doing something is entirely distinct. These kids have less in common than in distinction, nevertheless I will make an effort to compare them in the mild of commonalities as well as dissimilarities. The first thing related is that, whenever they start to be familiar with the fact they are on an lived on island, far from the world, both of the boys will be delighted. They think that it is a heaven, freedom by adults plus they can whatever it takes they want. If the joy is gone they have a problem with fear of the unknown. To start with, none of those manifest a susceptibility to violence – they have problem with killing a pig for the first time. Furthermore, target audience can say that Ralph and Jack are around the same era, also physically fit and in good condition. Each of them can be brave, provides strong personality, which gives them adequate capabilities to be a head. Other boys listen to them and carry their particular commands. They wish to establish a correct system of guidelines, like Plug says: " I agree with Ralph. We have to have rules and abide by them. All things considered, we're not really savages. We are going to English, and the English would be best at almost everything. So we have now to do the right things”. At the beginning both of them feel that a proper order of things is the best remedy for their scenario. Unfortunately, since the story progresses these phrases become meaningless for Jack. As for the differences, Ralph is actually a mild- reinforced boy whom accepts command when it is dependable to him. He...


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