My own Reaction to I am aware Why the Caged Fowl Sings

Cyber Angelou once proclaimed in an interview, " All my operate is meant to express, ‘You may well encounter many defeats however you must not be defeated'” (Anthology). This statement retains especially true in her life I Know For what reason the Caged Bird Sings. Her educational coming of age story is stuffed with many defeats that designed her in to the independent and compassionate female she became. After reading this article book, I came across there being many significant areas that opened up my eyes and made myself think again regarding my own personal and professional expansion. In addition , it allowed myself to ask more concerns and desired me for more information about Maya Angelou's path to greatness.

There were a large number of significant parts in Angelou's autobiography that dealt with the issues of racism, sexism, violence, and isolation. In my opinion, the parts that dealt with these various problems were most meaningful because they are controversial problems that Angelou was courageous enough to write regarding. From the start in the book, Angelou expresses her racist landscapes when she actually is in chapel and fantasizes that one time she will awaken out of her " black unpleasant dream. ” This area of the book foreshadows the rest of the hurtful events that could occur throughout the novel. As an example, the time when ever Angelou goes to the dental practitioner with her Momma, the dentist says he would somewhat stick his hand in the mouth of a dog than in her mouth. Afterwards in the book, Angelou discusses just how she is raped by her mother's sweetheart. She will not speak for five years because of this intimate assault. Down the road, when her silence can be broken, Angelou is involved with a violent attack. On this occasion it is her father's girlfriend who stabs her with scissors out of pure jealousy. Over the book Angelou feels by itself because she gets insecurities regarding the way that she looks and the colour of her skin area. Her solitude is drawn out more following she is raped because the lady puts the responsibility on himself....

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