How it works

Your orders are made in our company, available to you in a specially designed personal account. You will find all the information about the order: data about cost and the current status of the order, the solution files, will be able to correspond to order, ask questions or send additional material - all in one place, clearly and conveniently.

To place an order on the implementation of any work required to you, you only need to fill out the express order form.

The execution of the order

Order fulfillment of scientific work in our company is very simple! Follow these steps:

Step 1: Introduction to the basic conditions of our company website: Guarantees, prices and payment, rules and examples of design work.

Step 2: Fill the order form on the website.

Step 3: Get information about the evaluation order. Within 24 hours (usually within 1-6 hours) by email (and SMS, if you specify the phone) you will be notified with information about the possibility of execution of the order, the cost, timing and execution of the payment. All data will be visible in your account.

Step 4: Payment of the order. As specified in the conditions it is necessary to prepay for the work (why you can trust us). Execution is carried out only on a prepaid basis. Some orders can be performed and to pay part of it is discussed separately.

Step 5: After the timely receipt of the payment order execution begins.

Step 6: In the stipulated time the decision will be sent by e-mail, and files can be downloaded in a private office. The readiness of the order you will be notified by SMS.