Ought to homosexual marriage be legalized in HASTKRAFTER? Iris Wong (113039)


--Definition: Homosexual marriage, also referred to as gay marital life is matrimony, between two persons of the identical biological male or female identity. --Situation: The elevating number of HASTKRAFTER people is definitely supporting the legalization of homosexual relationship: 65% HASTKRAFTER university students support legalization of marriage --Thesis: Homosexual matrimony should not be legalized in HASTKRAFTER because it can affect the traditional concept of " family”, bring about more visitors to turn into gay and weaken the delivery rate of HK. --Aim: To find out the main reason, development and the effect of lgbt relationship of HK.

The reason for homosexual romance

--Some happen to be innate:

According to 1992 American psychiatry study, 28% psychiatrist thought that homosexual orientation is definitely caused by neurological factors. --Some are triggered by the area and living environment: 90% gays declare that they are influenced by living environments, relatives influences and sexual experiences --Some can be changed back in heterosexual:

According to Association of Lgbt Psychiatrists, 25%-30% of gays(i think they are sick) can change back to heterosexual through long-term counseling and praying

The development of homosexual relationship

--The increase in countries which have legalized homosexual matrimony: As of March 2013, eleven countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden allow lgbt couples to marry. -- The increase in number of gay couples in HK:

According to HK psychologist association, it increases from 13% in 2006 to twenty percent in 2012 --The increasing recognition and support of lgbt relationship by society: More than 4000 HASTKRAFTER people had participated in 2012 homosexual parade

The effect of homosexual marital life

--affects the standard concept of " family” and leads to the confusion in the identity of fogeys...


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