The influence of globalization about education systems and education delivery is a topic that is increasingly being discussed between governments, educators, students and communities. There are concerns on whether the education sector is benefitting from the positive effects of globalization or perhaps is it in danger from the unfavorable impacts. This essay can argue that the positive effect has a great influence in education systems and that you will discover ways in which the negative influences of globalization can be controlled. This composition will occur in three parts. Firstly, it will emphasize the influences of globalization on education systems. Then it will discuss some confident and adverse impacts of globalization upon education systems. Lastly, it will suggest a few ways in which the negative effects of globalization could be controlled. " Education nowadays is designated by the great influence of globalization and the drive to get international assessment. In Fiji, as in all of those other Pacific, this is certainly no different. Education systems in the Fiji and the Pacific cycles are characteristically informed and influenced simply by external drive and draw factors that happen to be reflective of globalization” (Koya, 2002). The positive effect has been ongoing since the daybreak of history. " It is now seen as a shrinking space and as well as by vanishing borders. Globalizing processes are dismantling hurdles to motion. As a result, there is an increasing flow of people, items, services, concepts, technologies and information throughout international boundaries. In simple terms, globalization is defined as a ‘process that widens the extent and form of cross-border transactions among peoples, resources, goods and services which deepens the economic interdependence between and among globalizing entities, which might be private or public organizations or governments” (Lubbers 2000). Globalization is known as a basically connecting different region together as being a global village. The exploding market of knowledge and information in the era of...


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