FAQ about our company’s work

How to make an order? What do I need?

On our site there is an order form, where you specify the minimum information about your order. With this information, our preliminary processing department is able to evaluate any order during 10 minutes. If you leave your phone number, our specialist can contact you to clarify the details of the order, if necessary. Most often, such clarification reduce the cost of operation. If you are satisfied with the price you paid in advance, and we begin to work. After ordering, you have the Personal account. In it, you can follow the steps of your order, to correspond to order, to communicate with the manager and the author, attach materials (additions, improvements, etc.), and download the finished work.

Why do I need to leave my phone number?

First, we understand that you are a real person, who is interested in our service. Secondly, it is easier to discuss the details of your work and thus reduce the price. Communicate by phone easier and more productive, both for us and for you.

What should I tell the manager to order work?

Our managers and authors – they are experienced and knowledgeable their business people. Therefore tell them everything you'd like to see in the work. If your boss has given you any indication, be sure to report it.

What do I need to give you to get you started writing my work?

From you need to: clearly defined task (topic, type of work, due date, the amount of pages, etc.), clear requirements for the work. All information and materials on request in electronic form, you can leave in the Personal or immediately inform your account manager.

Is prepayment required? What if suddenly you cannot do the work?

Prepayment is required. If due to any reason the work cannot be performed, the amount of your down payment will be refunded in full.

Do I have to fill out any documents, papers?

Our manager will prepare a contract for the provision of information services, you will need to read it and sign it.

What are the payment terms?

The authors start to work only after the prepayment. This is done in order to protect the interests of both sides: the client and author. You get the assurance that your work will be done by the stated requirements, and just in time, and the author quietly doing its work, knowing that his work will be paid.

When to pay?

After registration you will contact manager and advise you on the cost of the work. If the conditions you want to apply, you can make a prepayment.

Who will deal with my order?

In our company, an individual approach to each client. Each of our clients has a personal manager who solves all questions on order and is continued support to the most protection.

Who will write my work?

State of experts (scientific advisers) is more than 500 people and the people who have extensive experience in writing scientific papers. Experienced employees of department on work with the performers will give your order to a specialist who will perform his most high quality and within the specified period.

Can I talk with the author himself?

Oh sure. In our Company implemented On-line communication with the author.

What guarantees that the work will be done well?

The quality of work in our company is under special control. The works are written in order specialists with long experience in this field. All works are unique and tested in the QA department.

I'll pay you a work, and then it turns out that it is downloaded from the Internet?

Special quality control service of our company checks each work before send it. Also, each order is checked using the "Anti-plagiarism" software. For each type of work set a minimum threshold of the original text in your work (it's either our standards or your requirement).

If suddenly the author will not be able to do the work, when I find out about this?

You will always be up to date on your order. We guarantee you timely notification of any changes in the delivery of services.

How can I be sure that I will alter my work after I pay it?

We do not just give you the work done, and conduct full support to the protection of free perform upgrades from a teacher. It is extremely important that our customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our services.

What is your minimum time of writing work?

We have urgent orders department. We can do any work for 24 hours. But such orders are term and the cost increases, depending on the type and complexity of operation, and the stated requirements.

What determines the price of the work?

On the establishment of the price of written work is influenced by such factors as:

  • The type of work, discipline;
  • The level of complexity of the requirements of universities in a particular city;
  • Complexity of design themes, including the level of study in the scientific literature;
  • Availability of analytical and practical information on work;
  • Obtaining information about the object of study from the client;
  • The need for more research in the particular field of study;
  • The urgency of implementation;
  • Additional customer requirements;

The exact value of your work you can find out for free for 10 minutes, just filling out an application.