The Your life of Hongwu

The Hongwu Emperor, noted by his given term Zhu Yuanzhang, was the president and initially emperor with the Ming Empire of Cina. His period name, Hongwu, means " vastly martial".

Zhu Yuanzhang was born in a town in Zhongli. His family members was a poor peasant friends and family. His father's name was Zhu Shizhen, and his mom was Chen Erniang. Zhu had many brothers and sisters, yet his parents had to give them away because they will didn't have sufficient food for everybody. When Zhu was 18, the discolored River inundated the terrain his family members was living on. Eventually, a plague broke away killing most of his family members, except for one of his siblings.

Since Zhu had no place to go he became a monk at the Huangjue Serenidad, which was a small Buddhist monastery. He would not stay generally there long as the monastery ran less than funds and Zhu was forced to keep.

For the next few years, Zhu Yuanzhang led living of a roaming beggar and personally skilled and found the issues of the common people. He came back to the monastery about three years later. He stayed right up until he was about 24. He had learned how to read and write. Although he did not become a Buddhist in later years, this individual still remained sympathetic to Buddhism.

The monastery wherever Zhu was staying got destroyed simply by an army of local rebels. In 1352, Zhu got joined one of the many insurgent makes that a new rebellion against the Mongol ruled Yuan Empire. Zhu quickly rose throughout the ranks and was awarded commander. His rebel pressure later became a member of the Reddish colored Turbans, a millenarian sect related to the White That lotus Society, and one that implemented cultural and religious traditions of Yoga, Zoroastrianism and also other religions. Generally seen as a defense of Confucianism and neo-Confucianism among the main Han China population in China, Zhu emerged like a leader from the rebels that were struggling to overthrow the Yuan Empire.

In 1356, Zhu Yuanzhang's army overcome Nanjing. Nanjing became his base of operations and the capital...


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