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Duality Position of Computer in Individual Life

MortezaZamani Roudbaraki you and AkramMokhtariEsfidvajani 2

Islamic Azad School, Lahijan Branch.

Abstract. This kind of study looks at the impact of using pc on the man mind and identity in order to present the duality function of computer in conversation with person via utilizing a hint toward Derrida's theory of deconstruction to take apart computer as a powerful device in the contemporary period. The researcher aims to show the importance and the key function of computer system in individual life is undeniable and essential and, however, wants to present what is more significant in this connection is to advise any individual need to care about them not find out and be which nobody can continue to keep what they do not really care about although human justifies a place greater than the location he is in. Keywords: Interaction, individual, Knowledge, Traditions.

1 . Advantages

One of the most dynamic and significant fields of technical analysis is the examine of the relationship between individuals and computer systems that has quickly grown. Every zone of the life is intoxicated by HCI. The HCI reflects a broad recognition in educational environment and industry in the need to meet the challenges encountered by this speedily evolving area of technological improvement. Human interactions with basedcomputer technologies are going to rapidly difference in near future. Mainly because human–computer interaction (HCI) is a study and design of the interaction between users and computers it must be regarded as one of the most important and influential savoir. Interaction among users and computers takes place at the software which includes application and hardware together. It (HCI) communicates the involvement of a machine and a person in a relationship via the understanding from both sides. Creating a very good human-machine romantic relationship has exceptional importance to the extent which a poorly designed relationship conducts to unexpected problems. In fact , in this relationship the method of holding this interaction can be significant. An individual can must be experienced enough to get the capacity of making a romance based on emphasizing on his capacity without getting into anxieties to his head in this effect which requires a high sum of experience. Via expanding computer technology during 1970's and 1980', everybody is able to use laptop in a globe moving toward more creation. The wide-ranging concept of HCI has been successful on the humanistic fields such as cognitive mindset, linguistics, anthropology, literature plus some other domains. This subset of science enables people to manifests their expertise and also their particular vision.

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Time is completing by and Distance is usually not hurdle any more. Bridging countries and boundaries requires only a mouse click. Computer systems are changing societies and communities. Actually computers as the utmost important scientific achievement of the time influence in people's lives. The possibility of producing or resolving difficult accounts is done by making use of computer as much as there is no need of using hands. Because of these different varieties of capabilities, computers have been completely creating many noticeable accomplishments in most of societies' domains especially remedies, education, and usual life. Through they and social behavior any kind of creativity will be expanded by simply HCI. The main feature of HCI can be its user friendliness in different fields which helps user discovers more and simpler. This functionality shows itself through it is welfare, a chance to produce the required result, imagination and twenty two

also it is support to get development of individual knowledge. But it is necessary to bear in mind that it is just one single side of this interaction. Computer technologies, on the one hand, assist human to research and analyze the information he demands in his favourite field and the other hand, they lower human part and impact on the...

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