п»їMany early water civilizations surfaced and created in modern-day Egypt, Chinese suppliers, and Midsection East to get the world first civilizations. Two prominent civilizations are the Shang and Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia began around 3500 B. C. E in what is now generally known as present-day War. The Shang civilization began around 1700 B. C. E in present-day northeastern China. Both of these early civilizations exhibit variations, but also have many similar qualities within their religion, political systems, plus the legacy still left. Besides the difference in area the two civilizations displayed more similarities than differences, because of the similar problems that were fairly common to the early on river civilizations. Religion was significant to individuals of early on civilizations in the same way it is important to people today and shaped the say the societies functioned. The Shang as well as the Mesopotamian cultures were the two polytheistic, which means they believe/worship more than one our god. The reason that both cultures were polytheistic is probably the lack of scientific cause. They did not know why natural factors (lightening, floods, droughts) will behave within a certain method and instead set their rely upon gods previously mentioned. Furthermore religious beliefs was also a big component to both civilizations political systems. The Mesopotamians created superb temples to worship in the city and in some cases the city was built about the temple. Faith based leaders were placed in the top ranks of Mesopotamian culture, but they soon fell for the temptations of wealth. The Shang also worshiped various gods, which includes Shang Di, the best god. Yet also worshiped ancestors of kings and many other individuals to whom they believed to have electrical power. Both communities worshiped and praised the gods/ancestors seeking favors and good fortune the earthly world. It is unclear if the mesopotamians worshiped their particular ancestors just like the Shang, an improvement in the two societies. When a natural disaster was to happen, they thought it was just because a god...


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