After taking a look at the huge antique collection found in the Sir Steve Soanes's Museum, London, I was able to understand 2 objects that I sensed had the most interest in my opinion. Found in the Colonnade and Dome place, I will compare and contrast the sculpture of Apollo Belvedere, a Greek our god originally produced from bronze and discovered in Ancient rome in the late fifteenth century. The second reason is a figurine of the Ephesian Diana, an Egyptian echarpe derived of marble. There are numerous of figurines replicating the pagan empress, Artemis via Ephesus and is found internet dating back to the first and second decades AD. The main one depicted above from the Soane museum dates back to next century ADVERTISEMENT, and the head turreted overhead indicates this.

The Ephesian Diana is said to be one of the most crucial antiques amongst the vast collection at the Soane Museum. Generally known as Diana (among the Romans) or Artemis (among the Greeks) the girl with a female Goddess based on a Greek temple design by Ephesus, where her term is derived. She's known as the empress of moon and search, protector with the woodlands which is the twin sister of Apollo. She's probably best know nevertheless , by her status being The Empress Of Male fertility, clearly mentioned by the numerous sculptured chest, that many argue, are in fact bulls testicles. Helping her mom deliver her brother she actually is also has the reputation of staying the mother goddess and it is seen to bring aid for all child bearing girl, quite confounding as your woman herself offers permanent virginity.

Apollo Belvedere is known as a Greek men God, son of Zeus and Leto. He has various emblematic meanings, relating to music, poetry, sun and lightweight but shares similar features to his twin, Diana Of Ephesus, that being healing and medicine. Both are seen in mythology to bring Ill health and plague to adversaries, and are frequently depicted in art which has a bow and arrow. Apollo is a backup of the durete original, created by Greek figurine ‘Leochares'. The first bronze Vatican can be found in the pope's property in Rome....


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