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Windows CLI Commands Laboratory Report

TAKE NOTE: Please make use of Carriage Earnings and Webpage Breaks because needed to stop box articles from stretching across page boundaries.

Activity 1: Rename the Ethernet Interface and Display IP Configuration Settings

Open the Windows Command word Prompt using the desktop or perhaps the Taskbar icon. Maximize the dimensions of the CLI. Use the ipconfig /all command to determine the subsequent IP configuration settings intended for " Wired” Ethernet NIC:

IP Address:

169. 254. 43. 224

Subnet Mask:

255. 255. zero. 0

Default Gateway:

169. 254. 43. 254

MACINTOSH (Physical) Address


Duplicate and substance the specified ipconfig /all command word output in the Windows CLI into the Process 1 field provided beneath.

Task you ipconfig /all Command End result

Task a couple of: Changing Program Configuration adjustments from the CLI

Complete the following Windows CLI tasks only using " netsh interface” commands.

Copy and paste the CLI commands and control output in the Task two box provided below.

Task 2 CLI netsh Orders Output

Process 3: House windows CLI Shutdown Commands

Complete the following Home windows CLI shutdown tasks. Duplicate and insert your CLI commands and command output into the Job 3 package provided beneath.

Task a few CLI Shutdown Commands Outcome

shutdown /s /t 90 /c " Shutdown in 90 Mere seconds, Save your job now!!! " shutdown /r /f /m \\vlab-PC1 /t 60 -c " **Restart Will Occur in 1 Minute**" shutdown /s /f /m \\Vlab-PC2 /t 120 -c "!! Remote control Shutdown in 2 Minutes!! ”

Job 4: Executing Windows CLI Commands in a Batch Record

Copy and paste the script data file content (from NotePad or the Windows CLI using the type command) into the Task four box marked " Task 4 Script”. Also replicate and substance the successful RUN from the script from the Windows CLI into the " Task 5 Script RUN” box.

Task 4 Program

Task 4 Script RUN


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