1 . Executive Summary

SPALICIOUS is a world class vacation spot spa that aims to offer each guest with unique experience. Individual branded health spa products will probably be offered, not simply for exclusivity purposes, but for the preservation of guests as well. Like a slimming health spa, it aspires to bring out your guests' interior confidence through extensive and personalized deals. The deals include treatment sessions, activities and individualized diet. There are numerous weight loss treatments, which as well consist of detoxing, as well as post-natal treatments. Additionally , personal nutritionists will be organizing the diet for every single guest after registration so that they can enjoy healthy, yet scrumptious meals in S-lim Restaurant, the spa's Asian cuisine concept cafe. The health spa services consist of massages, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture therapy and Chihuahua Kung, and fitness exercises such as yoga exercise, aerobics and dance. To maximize the guests' experiences, there are also facilities like the rejuvenation center, swimming pool, memorabilia shop, S-lim restaurant, living room bar, entertainment and relaxation room, plants as well as non-public transportation. The facilities of Mega Zero Adventure Area are also useful by the guests to enhance their particular itinerary and packages. SPALICIOUS have a total of 34 guest rooms which are categorised into 3 main room types, Single Deluxe, Dual Deluxe room and Double Suite. Every room offers its person spa treatment room to allow Spa Citizen to enjoy their very own treatments in maximum uniqueness. To add upon, SPALICIOUS may also have health club that allows the club users to enjoy all of the special VIP privileges and facilities on the price of $10, 000 annually. To stand out from opponents, the unique feature of SPALICIOUS is to strategy the hot tub packages in line with the Spa Residents' horoscopes. The conventional packages include 7 evenings, 10 times, 14 night times and twenty one nights of fixed and complimentary treatment sessions that is offered based on the guests' horoscopes as well as personal preferences. The price of the packages will certainly range from $3, 255 to $13, 545. ГЂ la carte remedies will also be presented to guests who also do not would like to take the package. As SPALICIOUS can be an exclusive extravagance spa, it caters only to women using a high throw-away income of around $10,50, 000 a month. This is because it truly is recognised that ladies nowadays include increasing spending power. The targeted age group ranges coming from 30 to 45 because the period in which most women noticed the need of weight reduction. The geographic region targeted is Asia Pacific mainly because most people who want to lose weight originates from this place. In terms of advertising, SPALICIOUS could have an official internet site with important information supplied and press will be used for promoting the spa too. Besides, advertising on health and wellness magazines may also help to better reach out to the point market while product samples will be given to the guests in order to gain company awareness. Simply by developing the plot of land to a world class vacation spot spa, Sentosa Leisure Group (SLG) should be able to transform the place that was once used by Travel Academy snabel-a Sentosa (TAS) into a income generating organization, at the same time, rendering the guests with exclusive encounters. This will create mutual rewards between SLG and SPALICIOUS. 2 . Detailed Plan

3. 1 . SPALICIOUS Profile

The derivation from the word SPALICIOUS comes from both words " spa” and " delicious”, with the that means of taking pleasure in spa and healthy dishes at the same time. For SPALICIOUS, guests are staying addressed because Spa Residents because most of them take up stay over packages which frequently require those to stay for a minimum of almost 8 days. Particular spa treatment packages will require the Spa Residents to stay about 3 weeks, as a result making SPALICIOUS their second home. SPALICIOUS aim to reveal the guests' inner assurance through an extensive and personal spa treatment package which include weight loss,...

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