The child years Obesity: Mental and Mental Issues

Ruby Allen

ENG 122

Instructor: Katie Newbanks

TA: David Surratt

January 15, 2012

Childhood Obesity: Mental and Emotional Issues

Childhood obesity is a growing issue in america of America. Children see the world totally different to what would be the norm adults. Various see children that were of average height and weight in quality school but since they reached junior excessive and high school they begin noticing the alterations other kids had gone through. Some of them appearance too thin although others find themselves at the opposing end from the spectrum. As time passes, they become heavy and can barely carry themselves to classes. For many students, they have regular doctor appointments, trips for the school doctor for prescription drugs, and a few have even surgery just before they are 18. These types of problems can cause mental and psychological issues, especially in young children and teens therefore they have a problem with self-esteem, confidence, and some even convince themselves that they usually are smart or beautiful for their weight. Self-pride is having satisfaction in your self, who you are and where you want to travel in life. Various overweight kids and teenagers struggle with receiving the self-esteem they deserve. In 2003, Robert I. Berkowitz, the medical director from the University of Pennsylvania's fat and eating disorders program, discovered that one in seven U. S. children were obese. This investigator found that kids whom are obese have mood and self-esteem issues. In research performed in 2008, researchers learned that obesity among children improved from about 10. 0% in 1988 to as high as 19. 6% in 2008 (Ogden, 2008). This kind of very radical increase has been a struggle for youngsters for the last twenty years. As studies have continued, they have found various important factors and differences in the history and physical examinations of patients with two several types of obesity; idiopathic and endogenous. Patients with idiopathic weight problems consist of more...

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