An international ban of CFC could mean that millions of people could not afford fridges, and thousands might die from meals poisoning. Is that justified by saving the stratospheric ozone?

It is validated because there are feasible alternative refrigeration systems that don't give off chemical compounds which have been harmful to the ozone coating. Less regarded refrigerants including ammonia (NH3), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and lp (C3H8) have zero impact in any way on around the world as well as on the ozone coating. Not only are they environment-safe, they are also " better than with other systems, ” said Kathy Loftus, global leader of Environmentally friendly Engineering and Energy Management for Entire Foods Market. They are cheaper and food loss was cut simply by 1% as a result of better cooling performance of its instances using the new system.

If people cannot afford CO2 employed refrigerators, you will discover natural techniques for passive cooling. By just utilizing a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) rack unit and burlap carriers, a huge amount of electric power can be preserved. These elements are inexpensive and are accessible in community hardware retailers. This refrigerant system was already proven effective. Zeer pots are also used in under developed countries devoid of electricity. It had been invented simply by Mohammed Bah Abba of Northern Nigeria. He received the esteemed Rolex merit for his invention. It can be basically a clay pan within a pan. Wet sand is filled inside the space among two containers. A rainy cloth can be used as a cover. When the normal water evaporates, this pulls the heat out with it. This kind of simple option refrigeration product uses standard laws of physics to hold the inner yacht cool. Fresh produce keep going longer in these planting pots.

Other slightly costly alternatives are using magnetic and thermoelectric refrigeration. According to S. Verma, a mature lecturer in the Department of Physics of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering, the ecofriendly a fridge technologies are still in the level of infancy but the guidelines used in these...


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