BADM 372: Advertising and marketing

Case a couple of: Barbie versus Bratz

1 . Provide an analysis of the Mattel Barbie company. What elements shape awareness of the brand inside the eyes of fogeys and young girls? Barbie was billed since " a shapely adolescent fashion style, ” to make her first appearance with the American Plaything Fair in New York City and soon started to be a hit. ( Barbie was then and still is a popular girl doll for young girls. In the beginning the girl was well-known because she was the 3D IMAGES version of the very popular paper dolls, with interchangeable apparel and components. Today she's still quite popular and probably for the same factors; you can buy numerous various dolls with different ethnicities, distinct colored hair and even distinct careers. Young ladies like Barbie because your woman gives all of them something to strive for, someone to look up to, a hero of sorts. Barbie shows young ladies that they can always be whatever they wish to be, via a mother to a teacher or even a great astronaut or perhaps police officer. Via a parents point of view Barbie is great because she offers their children confidence the other to target as well as the value aspect. Previous time My spouse and i looked at Walmart you could buy a Barbie Doll starting at $3. 99 for the basic toy in a bikini plus every one of the accessories you could ever want from shoes or boots and purses to homes and automobiles.

2 . What company problems would the Bratz line of dolls create pertaining to the Barbie brand? Mattel and the Barbie brand sued the Bratz Company pertaining to copyright intrusion and received. Bratz was obviously a similar toy but " edgier” in comparison to Barbie and she was new and exciting toy for young ladies, The Bratz doll created an actual competition for Barbie causing Barbie's sales to drop.

a few. How might social networking affect awareness of the Bratz and Barbie doll lines? The moment facebook 1st started it absolutely was meant for college students to interact with other college students and you could only sign up if you a new student email address, but the...


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