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In earlier 10+ numerous years of my THIS field following securing Master degree in computer research from my home country, Pakistan, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the opportunity to practice and add in almost every field of IT, via help office support to consultancy and IT task management and from end user applications support to significant enterprise level IT infrastructure administration and designing working together with all almonds and mounting bolts of client-server computing, databases, messaging, network infrastructure designing and operations and Secureness hardening of layers of IT infrastructure.

My decision to return to University today and gain my Masters degree control from willpower that I include specific requirements that can be finest met in this particular MITS degree curriculum. I've reached the point at which there are no significant fresh opportunities available to me in the current area of my expertise. This really is time to move on to new aspects of IT want it Security, Cryptography etc .

Being in the THAT world My spouse and i am, of course , well aware of your reputation among the leading educational institutions in Canada providing this interesting program. The high caliber from the faculty and student population would provide myself with a demanding and extremely stimulating environment in which to study. The skills and knowledge I would get in UOIT will be my own asset as I continue my career.

The program seems totally consonant with all of my requirements not only because of its framework but also because of its pragmatic approach to teaching.

I 1st became thinking about IT Security………….. (write Story….. )

Now I have seen what I can accomplish-and have particular goals associated with career in IT Security-I believe my potential is fantastic. I have love, ability and experience, and i also believe that with all these I could make a difference.

My spouse and i am extremely passionate, motivated and strong individual who grows on the two challenges and competition. Though I did not distinguish myself...


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