The Universal Negro Improvement Asssociation

In the year 1914 the United Negro Improvement Association(UNIA) was formed by simply Marcus Garvey Jamaican politics leader, reporter, entrepreneur, and orator who was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism and Pan-African movements. In 1912 Marcus Garvey come to London in order to meet with Duse Mohammed Ali, publisher with the African Times and Orient Review with the intention of discussing the richness of African background its ancient states just like Ghana and Ethiopia. Their very own discussion was your need of freeing Africa from the power of the Western colony and put a stop to white imperialism over the world's shaded races. This individual vowed to return to his home(Jamaica) to commit himself to the cause of Africa people who appeared to be in bondage around the world. After his go back from Birmingham to Jamaica in 1914 Marcus Garvey came back having a mission to free Africa so that the blacks will retain their true home and Africans just about everywhere will understand where they belong. Challenging wisdom that he offers gathered through the years regarding the lifestyle of Africans underneath the European management motivated him into beginning the 1st branch of the UNIA while using motto ‘One God, 1 Aim, 1 Destiny'. In the beginning there were a couple of problems since there were disagreements with another new firm, the Jamaican Federation of Labor nevertheless despite every complications Marcus Garvey's perseverance weren't damage. Marcus Garvey went on to opening various other branches in the UNIA in 40 countries. Marcus Garvey and the aim of the UNIA was to rise black peoples' mind, for making them feel their importance in the world and to strengthen the pride and self confidence of the African competition and heritage in the dark society.


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