Formerly, the cause of the war were religious problems. The Peace of Augsburg (1555) helped bring peace to the German claims but only recognized Lutherans and Both roman Catholics. Protestants, and later Calvinists, wanted spiritual freedom from your ruling Catholics. Add to that the very fact that all the countries associated with these battles wanted to generate themselves stronger and you have a Molotov. The war started on May twenty three, 1618, if a crowd of Protestants stormed the noble castle in Prague and threw two members from the Catholic govt (men who were appointed by Habsburgs) and their secretary into the garbage. This episode became known as the Defenestration of Prague the official beginning of the Thirty Years' War. Even though none of which died, having landed in a pile of manure, this kind of incident began a chain reaction of events that railed practically the whole of Europe intended for 30 years. In 1617 Ferdinand II is usually crowned King of Bohemia, but in 1619 the Protestants crown Fredrick V to counteract Ferdinand's counter-reformations. Ferdinand trades his hereditary countries and his status as a great imperial electorado to Maximilian I intended for enough causes so stop Fredrick inside the battle of White Hill with Standard Johann Tserclaes von Tilly leading his forces. After that working day, Fredrick and his English wife, Princess Elizabeth, flee the and become referred to as Winter king and Princess or queen. Later their very own Grandson becomes the King of Great Great britain, George I actually. With Ferdinand in full control 36, 000 Protestant family members flee the nation letting him sell all of their land and make a profit. Albrecht von Wallenstein turns into governor with the Kingdom of Bohemia due to Ferdinand and with special permissions for currency will be able to buy sixty estates which enables him lord of the complete of northeastern Bohemia. That's exactly what gives Ferdinand a way out of dealing with Maximilian by bringing up an army by himself. For this Ferdinand makes Wallenstein chief of all the imperial forces. This is where the Danish Full...


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